In order to reach out with the right treatment at the right time and place, we request Hospitals and Health Providers to collaborate with us.
For large populations, treatment financing is required to cover out-of-pocket treatment costs as not everyone has a health insurance policy to cover expenses incurred during a treatment.
Most of the finance companies and banks offer loans only to the able population between the ages of 21 to 60 years. Sometimes this can become a barrier. To provide financial access to medical treatment, we have designed EMI-based solutions “bridge financing” solutions.
We offer some proof-tested financial solutions, and we are also developing disease-specific solutions for a limited number of healthcare providers. Our innovative financial products will not only enable access to the medical/health treatment ecosystem and technology but will also help us reach a larger population.
We also have an expertise in Health Insurance Claims processing and recovery/reconciliation. We can support the hospitals and healthcare providers with efficient claims submission. claims reconciliations and recovery services. 
Please provide us the details requested below and we will connect with you. We look forward to exploring opportunities with you.