Health Economics & Market Access

The Health Economics and Market Access (HEMA) department at Yes2Treatment assists medical device and pharmaceutical companies with launching new products. This also supports a larger population in accessing such new technologies/procedures for better treatment faster.
Firstly, we evaluate the effectiveness, efficiency, and value of the available clinical evidence for the proposed treatment/therapy. Then, we evaluate the health economic benefits of the proposed products in India. This is based on principles of Health Technology Assessment (HTA) and how the eligible patients will access treatment/therapy with the evidence-based guidelines and behavioral aspects. We then support the patient to communicate the same to the stakeholders for adoption, inclusion and early insurance reimbursement of the treatment/ therapy.
Hema Diagram
Since we began operating in 2016, we have successfully supported seven therapies for medical device and pharmaceutical companies. Our team enjoys the challenge of assessing new technologies & procedures. Our satisfaction comes from being able to facilitate better treatment with better outcomes for a larger population faster.
We look forward to conversing with the organisations interested in new technologies, medical devices, drugs (including biologics), and treatments. Please connect with us by filling a short form given below.
To provide patients and their families with financial access to treatments, we are starting a Treatment Access Guidance service. During their treatment, we will assist them with their health insurance policies, claims, and financing as needed in the ‘Continuum of Care’. A few diseases have been analysed from a health economic standpoint, and we are working on some more disease conditions that we plan to launch shortly.
In getting the right treatment, we strive to make the experience seamless for patients and families. Asthma, kidney disease, bariatric surgery, and knee & hip replacement are the few conditions we have worked on.

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