We provide claim assistance for all your health insurance plans. Among our specialists, there are many well-versed in all types of claims related queries that you or your insurer may have. Throughout the process, we will provide you with guidance and support:

1. For guidance on filing a claim, our team of experts will guide you through the right process so that you can avoid unnecessary delays.
2. In the event where your claim is denied, you may receive some queries to which you may not be able to reply. In that case, our team will assist you with drafting the reply so that your application may be reconsidered.
3. An insurance company may decide to reduce your claim reimbursement amount under certain circumstances. We will guide you through the process so that you receive the maximum reimbursement for your claim.

To help us guide you through this process, please fill up the form below so that we can determine if your claim is payable or not. Our team will make sure to help you get the reimbursement, if it is payable. We charge a minimal percentage on the claim amount as a guidance fee or Rs.2,999; whichever is higher.

We can guide and support you with:
1. New Claim – When you are filing a claim for reimbursement
2. Old Claim – When your claim is denied, got queries and less reimbursement